Our Mission

We want to change the world by Going Solar Together!  Our mission is to bring solar to as many people as possible by educating individuals and groups. We strive to lower the cost for homeowners and contractors to do business, making going solar easier and more affordable than ever before.

Our Leadership

Nic Torvend started his solar career in 2012. He sat with countless homeowners at their kitchen tables educating them about the environmental and financial benefits of going solar. After nearly one thousand presentations and hundreds of successful installations it was time to find a better way. Working directly with homeowners and contractors has given him unique insight into the challenges both parties face. The biggest problem he found with every installation was the extremely high customer acquisition cost for the solar contractors, which unnecessarily increased costs for the homeowner. It was simply a lost cost for everyone involved. Your Energy ALLY, LLC was created specifically to solve this problem by enabling homeowners to join Group-Buy Programs. These programs substantially decrease the contractor's customer acquisition cost. We can now reach hundreds of individuals who can work together to go solar with ease. This allows everone to save time and money!