Your Energy Ally

Homeowners have been tirelessly trying to navigate through shark-infested solar waters for more than a decade. Each homeowner INDIVIDUALLY sitting down, one at a time, for hours on end, trying to make sense of it all. After three or more different bids you discover you have more questions than before the whole process started.

You need an ALLY you can call on to help you answer these questions.

What product is best for ME? Who should do the installation? Can I trust the sales rep? Do I lease, own, sign a PPA? What is a PPA? Should I finance? With whom? How much will it all cost? Is the system the right size? What if I move? And most importantly, HOW DO I KNOW I'M GETTING A GOOD DEAL?!         

You Need an ALLY.

Your Energy Ally bridges the gap between customers and solar contractors by creating Solar Buying Groups. We educate group members about solar power solutions while facilitating the outreach efforts to grow your group's size and increase its buying power.

It's inefficient, costly, and time consuming for both customers and solar providers to work on a one-to-one basis. In addition, one of the most expensive parts of going solar is the solar provider's customer acquisition cost. With our Group Energy Programs, and your participation, we can dramatically lower this expense for our selected solar providers. In return, those cost savings are passed along to you (the group members) by way of better pricing, substantially below the market price. It's basic economics. By creating economies of scale it saves everyone time, money, and resources. You are no longer on your own. You are part of a group that has tremendous buying power!

Your Energy Ally does the research, due diligence, and negotiating for you. You save time, money, and headaches while we make going solar simple. So what are you waiting for?

JOIN A GROUP ENERGY PROGRAM, and let's change the world together!


The Ally Process

Brand your group and establish your goal




Create connections, market, & grow your group

Collect solar bids and select your contractor

Schedule a no obligation, FREE solar evaluation



Launch your group buy Program! 
Dedicated  website, info sessions, events, and more